Anyone know where I can get a used ThorGuard for cheap?

The Title says it all. Please let me know if anyone knows where I can get one.

you can always try acquiring one from a golf or country club closing permanently or if they intend on replacing it. you can contact their maintenance department and make sure you get the all clear from management.

Yeah: good luck trying to buy one directly from Thor Guard themselves given the price tag & the fact that they likely only sell to businesses.

Clever pun! (even if it was unintentional)

Very rare to get one for cheap, I have a friend who used to work for them and they only sell to organizations and such and old parts just come back to them or are tossed out. ThorGuard is considered outdated and not that feature full compared to more modern solutions.

Consdering the original/classic Thor Guard system with its upside-down metal bowl airhorn unit & also upside-down metal bowl sensor unit doesn’t appear to be sold anymore it would seem so (or at least Thor Guard themselves think so). All the more reason to help preserve them though!

It hasn’t been sold for along time. Thorguard is currently on VOT Gen 3. And they are still quite common alongside Strike Guard WAVE and WeatherBug (yes, they make lightning sirens)

I personally know someone who does or did own a Gen 1 as well

Oh, really? Could have sworn I saw it being sold just some years back but okay (though now that I check the Thor Guard website they still sell basically the same thing, just with a white plastic dome instead of a metal dome over the air horns, & apparently a different sensor that’s not a series of domes on top of each other).

I know Strike Guard by Wxline, who seem to be Thor Guard’s main competitor when it comes to lightning detection & warning systems, & I believe I know Weatherbug when it comes to weather apps, but I had no idea the latter made lightning warning systems!

Yeah: I believe there’s at least one of each generation that are in the hands of different private collectors.

Mostly correct. The sensor is now inclosed in the control unit and uses an antenna to detect lightning or, with the Thorguardian (unsure if still in production) using the TG360 sensor. The cover over the horn is fiberglass not plastic.

Yep. They have them. They are made by Earth Networks (Weatherbug’s parent company) and are called the Total Lightning. These devices are what make the mobile app work from what I’ve read. Here’s what the complete system looks like.

Ah okay, yeah, close enough. The non-metal dome & enclosed sensor actually make sense when it comes to protecting the siren from lightning strikes (since, you know, metal conducts electricity). Going by the fact that only two products are currently listed on the Thor Guard website, one of which being the Voice Of Thor, it doesn’t seem like they make or sell the Thor Guardian anymore (unless you count the Voice Of Thor which is very similar).

Huh, well how about that…(the full name is “Total Lightning Network” though so using “Total Lightning” to refer to just one of the systems doesn’t really make sense)