Anyone like Exit Signs???

Does anyone her like exit signs? I do

Yes, I’ve got about twenty seven, though I have just two installed and operating.

ME TOOOOO!! Lol I sound like a noob. I’m still trying to find a building when it currently remodeling. They tend to replace most of the old exit sighs and Emergency backup lights. It’s actually really hard though.

I have a 1960s Sign that I got at a garage sale for $2. I also have 9x Lithonia LED signs, 2x Broken Lithonia LED Signs, a Sylvania Exit sign, a Lithonia LED sign that has emergency lights, and a NOS Circa 1985 Prescolite sign. I went to a hospital that had Dualite EXqIsiTes all over the 1952 and the 1979 wing (both wings Dualites were replaced with the sylvanias in 2010). They also had these rare ones that were from around 1965-1975 that had red bulbs (they were replaced in 2010 also).

I had found some at a job site about 10 years ago. I don’t really have a specific interest in exit signs, but I took them just for the heck of it. I think one has emergency lights on the top, but I’ve had them packed away for a long time.

There was an older building I was working at that had triangular glass globe exit signs. They were attached to standard light fixture bases with a regular incandescent light bulb inside. Thought I had a picture, if I find it, I’ll post it up here.

I do have an interest in emergency lighting/exit sign fixtures; not quite up there with fire alarms, but still very high on the list. Like fire alarms, it’s pretty easy for me to notice and remember what a building has for exit signs, emergency lighting, etc. I haven’t really studied manufacturers and model numbers that much, but I’m sure I will gain more knowledge as time goes on.

Actually, I do have one Exit Sign. It’s a Sure-Lites (made by Cooper Lighting, interestingly enough) that’s black with green lettering, and double faced. No battery backup, it can be powered only with 120VAC. Also, it is made of cast aluminum, and is pretty heavy. For reference, the model number in the unit is: CX62GB.

I haven’t powered it up yet as I never got around to doing so (don’t feel like messing with 120V). However, would like to do it at some point.

That’s a cool unit. I have an LPX-6 and a CAX-727000-GW under the Sure-Lites brand.


I somewhat like them. It’s pretty neat though, to come across some unusual ones. I think my all time favourite is from a huge hospital in my city, and the sign is installed in one of the older wings.

What year was that sign installed?

I would have to guess around the 60s? That was when the wing that housed this sign was built.

Anyone like those signs they have on some doors that say “not an exit”?

You mean like this?


Fire marshal wouldn’t be happy about that exit sign not being covered up.

Did anyone else notice how funny the attachment caption is? :lol:

The sign on the door says “employees only,” meaning it could be a stockroom that has an emergency exit.

That may explain why there is a Detex-esque door alarm (?) next to the door.

Taking a closer look at that sign reveals that this can be used in an emergency (look towards bottom). HOPEFULLY they’re using the “not an exit” sign to discourage people from just walking out the door with merchandise, along with that Detex door alarm. A pretty good compromise to having a back exit door and a deterrent from having people walk out with unpaid merchandise.

Apparently, someone here LOVED exit signs!

I’m surprised they didn’t try to fit a pull station in between each door…


It would’ve been even funnier if the doors opened inward. :lol: