Anyone who has experience repairing Fire-Lite panels or knows stuff about the Fire-Lite MS-4 Board Please Reply

Hello, I got an MS-4 last week. It was working perfectly fine until I was wiring my call point to it. I thought I disabled the zone that I was wiring to, but maybe I didn’t. What happens now is it turns on and it does what happens in the video linked to this post. I have a working MS-2, so I was wondering if a part went bad if I would be able to replace it with the part from my MS-2? Thanks! Here is the video

Also, if you want me to use a multimeter to check for continuity etc. please tell me.

Double check your dip switch settings.

If it does that upon power up, id say the board is bad.

You can swap out the ms-4 with your ms-2 as long as you have only 1 or 2 initiating zones and 1 or 0 indicating circuits.

I would not recommend swapping out any components on the board.

You can call fire-lite technical support also. You do not need to be a distributor to call fire-lite.

Good luck