Apartment Fire Alarm System

Okay, I have a quick question. I live in an apartment complex. It has MASS ADA Horn/Strobes in the halls with some type of smokes and pull stations. There is a Fire Alarm panel in the laundry room. In each unit is one regular smoke detector. Our landlord says that if the smoke detector in the unit goes off for more than 3 minutes, it sets the alarms off for the entire building. (There are about 23 units in each building.) Anyways my question is, how could the smoke detectors in each unit be hooked into the main building alarm? I’m not sure ours even is, as the yellow wire isn’t hooked into anything, just the black and white wires. Also, after I test the alarm…about a minute or two later it does two short beeps. What is the two beeps for? Thanks!

I’m sorry, the smoke detector in our unit I’m talking about is a 120-1072B Firex Smoke Detector. That might help.

Based on the smoke detector model that you provided, as well as how you mentioned that the detector only has power connected to it, that smoke detector most likely is just “local,” meaning that it wouldn’t set off other detectors in the building or the main fire alarm system. Are there any other smoke detectors in the building? Those could be the ones that are connected to the fire alarm system. A lot of apartment buildings, hotels, etc. will have a normal fire alarm system in the common parts of the building (lobbies, hallways, etc.) and separate, non-connected smoke detectors in every individual room/apartment.

Of course, I’m just speculating, so I could definitely be wrong.