Are ADT products compatible with Fire-Lite Products?

Are ADT products compatible with Fire-Lite products? I’ve noticed that ADT products look just like Fire-Lite products, and even have the same model number, but just an “MADT” at the end.

So, more specifically, is ADT’s “M300MADT” monitor module the same thing as Fire-Lite’s “M300” monitor module? Is the M300MADT compatible with Fire-Lite addressable panels?


Yeah, they are identical. ADT’s product line is 100% rebranded equipment.

So, just to clarify, an ADT monitor module will work with a Fire-Lite addressable control panel, right?


Thanks for the clarification!

@new age server: isn’t ADT owned by firelite or is it just rebranded firelite equipment?

ADT is owned by Tyco, which is ironically the same company that owns Simplex. Fire-Lite, Notifier, Silent Knight, Gamewell-FCI, and System Sensor are all owned by Honeywell. ADT just takes Fire-Lite’s equipment and puts their name on it.

ooh ok

There have also been instances in which ADT re-brands Simplex devices. Take my T-bar for example, it has a Simplex logo on the front and looks like an ordinary 4099 or 2099, but the label inside tells a different story.

Well that’s really weird I haven’t seen any simplex devices renamed by ADT

I used to have an ADT 6008, which was a rebranded Simplex 4008.

I have one of those. It says “ADT” where the “B” would be on the lock. I’ve heard the ADT key included with the pull station will also work as a Simplex B key. Is this true?

No. The ADT key and Simplex B key are totally different.

This video compares a 2099-9756 to the 3403 and in the description, the publisher states “Also, the B-key is NOT the same as the ADT key.”

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Oh, that’s disappointing.

And yes, I hate it how the paint easily comes off. Mine smeared because of a little bit of water.

He said that only the label said ADT. The alarm still appeared to be Simplex.

I have seen Simplex Tbars on eBay before with ADT branding.

Yes. For all we know, every 2099 or 4099 we see could be ADT. :shock:

And in some instances, ADT did get the pull station with their logo on the front.

You can tell that Simplex originally made them and ADT rebranded them since “Simplex” is part of the mold, and engraved into the pull. ADT then slapped a sticker on it, since they could not remove the “Simplex” text.

This also happens on a GX-90: “GENTEX” is part of the mold, Simplex slaps a sticker on it.

What T-Bar have you seen with an ADT sticker on it. I have seen the Gentex alarms with the sticker on it, you’d think that they would put a little more effort into making custom ADT horns.

Does ADT own Gentex? It seems like most alarms are being re-branded in some way or another.

Here are the owners of most of the major alarm companies:

Tyco International

  • SimplexGrinnell
  • ADT

Honewell Life Safety

  • Fire-Lite
  • Notifier
  • System Sensor
  • Gamewell-FCI
  • Silent Knight


  • Cerberus Pyrotronics
  • Faraday

UTC Fire & Security

  • EST

Cooper Notification

  • Wheelock


Gentex is its own company. Interestingly enough, 98% of their profit comes from selling auto-dimming mirrors for cars.