Are there any Simplex 2120 panels still up and running.?

Curious as I have one still left in the Denver market and was curious if there are any others still out there. This is an old one with a couple ETs, many VPBTs, FABTs and a SCC. No CDT at this site.

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I would say there are definitely some that may be still running but simplex wouldn’t have the contracts for them and they’d have to be serviced by another company since it would’ve been replaced by a 4100U or ES by now.

1 Like there is or was one on youtube

That thing’s holdin’ on for dear life lol.

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Neat video; I hadn’t seen it before. That building is located just an hour’s drive from where I live.

The coding of the bells is interesting—I can’t quite tell if it’s an odd first-stage coding or if it’s some kind of zone coding, as some of the pulses seem longer than the others. It’s also interesting that it appears to be configured (at least partially) with conventional devices.

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Wow. that makes me have some hope that they are still running, if anyone knows of one in the Dallas/Fort Worth area please let me know about it.

It sounds like a first stage coding to me lol

I do doubt any 2100 systems are active however. Those were meant for universities or high rises and they’ve likely all been replaced or upgraded. Simplex doesn’t even acknowledge that system existing so there would be no support for those systems for any additions or modifications.