are you scared of the U-MMTs?


I am scared of the U-MMTs When they went off I always say: “I must escape the building! or they will chase me!!”

yesterday I was in a building with my cousin the building was having U-MMTs there was a fire drill my cousin(6 years old) started to cry for some reason she isn’t scared of my fire alarm system(With the 7002T in my room with in the hallway the 10" Single Stroke Adaptabel and the Simplex Whiffle ball Ionization smoke I installed the pull in my room I put a smoke detector(Simplex Whiffle ball smoke too!) in my room)the persons in the building finished to evacuate the building i didn’t entered the building because my cousin was returned home(she is only 6 years old and she knows the way towards the house :slight_smile: )