Aritech-Moose Z900 Security System

Hi all,

We have a 1994 Aritech-Moose Z900 Security system installed in our house. 5 zones in use as burglary points, no smoke sensors. However, we’ve run into an issue with a zone not clearing.

Zone 4 is used to monitor some windows and two doors, all of which use roller-ball contacts. For the past several years, it hasn’t always cleared after closing EVERY window and door on the zone. We’ve tried to isolate the fault by “trial-and-error” opening and closing of doors and windows, but to no avail. This is sporadic, the issue “comes and goes” as it so pleases. I came across a solution, but I can’t find it for sale ANYWHERE.

My grandparents have the same system in their home, and my grandfather added a motion sensor in an outbuilding onto Zone 6. He used a wireless sensor that reports to a wireless receiver that connects to the zone wiring (the brand is not marked anywhere on the exterior of either component). I assume the same kind of receiver could probably work with wireless door/window contacts, and that’s really the best option here, as my fire alarm system knowledge is causing me to suspect a wiring problem in the run and not at a contact point.

Does anyone know if these retrofit sensors still exist, or if they are still available??


I am assuming two things - first, they did not home run each window and door on that zone back to the panel. In other words, there are splices out in the field for all the contacts. And second, you have no practical way to access the wiring to all the door and window switches. If that’s the case, go to the next paragraph. If not, I can probably help you through troubleshooting the circuit.

Your grandparents probably have a Linear wireless transmitter/receiver. They are probably the most common universal add on wireless to any security panel, especially the older ones! Here’s a link to their product line:

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If you reconfigure all the wired switches on that zone to wireless, you might want to go with the DXSR-1508 wireless receiver, then add the DXS-31 transmitters (keeping in mind the maximum number will be 8 ). This is going to be costly because the receiver is around $80 with each transmitter being around $25 each. You would need to wire all the outputs on the receiver N/C in series, but will do the trick. If you have access to the wiring, you might be better just rewiring the entire circuit.

Your assumptions are correct. All wires are spliced, and some wires were installed new construction, while some were “fished”. There’s no way to access the wires short of tearing into the walls.

Also, they do have a Linear wireless transmitter/receiver, model ITIPIR01 according to this. Linear-Nortek makes really nice, high quality products, as they’re ITIPIR01 has been in use for 14 years now, their Nortek-AirVac central vacuum has been running for 25 years, and both have given them zero problems.

When I started in the industry, I did 7 years doing residential security installation. I worked for a good company, they had a philosophy that every system was hardwired and there was not one point that couldn’t be wired. And you know, they were right. If we couldn’t run the wire down, we ran it up. You pulled trim, removed recessed cans, popped off air registers, even carved out notches if needed. When we left, you would look at the installation and except for a little touch up paint, you would be hard pressed to see how we got a wire there. And with the exception of basements and attics, you would never see an exposed wire. It was truly an art - we took pride in our work. But there were rules: You home run everything, you soldered all splices at switches, you didn’t bury splices. If you had a problem later on, it was easy to find and fix. I would see so many take overs where installers would tack wire to baseboards, bury splices in finished walls, drill through vinyl windows, etc. Sloppy work that would lead to troubles down the road. In the 7 years I worked for them, we put in two wireless systems. One was per customer request (he wanted it done quick) and the other was a house with thick exterior stone walls that wiring the windows would have been too invasive. My point… Anything can be wired if you find the right person that knows their stuff. Maybe it’s time to just have those points re-wired and done with it. At the very least, upgrade panel to something new that supports the newest wireless technologies - 23 years old, you’ve got your moneys worth!

Several extended family members have Interlogix NetworX hybrid systems and love them…I’m definitely considering upgrading to a hybrid NetworX and replacing all of the sensors on that zone with wireless devices.

The security company that installed it no longer carries GE Security/Interlogix/EST…we called them to come troubleshoot and they refused to troubleshoot the system due to it’s age. Of course, they quoted the cost for a new Honeywell Vista, but we kindly declined the new system. Our local Siemens branch carries Interlogix for their residential customers though and service all brands, so I might see what they can do.