Aritech Z900 Battery Backup

I had reporting errors with my Aritech Z900 system, so I installed a new main board. In the process, I restored “Factory Defaults”, then I programmed the functions I needed changed. Everything is now working properly when using power from the transformer, but the backup (battery) power does not activate when house electrical power is lost. Rather than switching to battery power, the system goes dead when house electricity is lost.

The fuses are both good and the battery is fully charged. I tested and found power on the battery connections when house current is present and the battery is disconnected, which tells me the battery charger is working.

What am I missing? Did I miss functions that must be programmed?

The first thing I will say is that I have never seen a Aritech Z900 system. That said, I don’t see you did the one test that I would do.

Keep everything connected normally. Use clip leads or whatever needed to connect the voltmeter across the battery. Then shut off the AC source. What is the voltage produced by the battery then? If it stays at 12 volts I would suspect a fault on the board preventing switching to battery. If the battery voltage falls off the battery is not taking a charge and is bad.

It is entirely possible that the battery can supply the 1 micro-amp (0.000001 Amp) for the meter to read 12 volts but cannot supply the power required to maintain the system.