Audible Silence

So I remember on on of NewAgeServerAlarm’s videos, he said he did an audible silence feature with his panel bur unning the ressetable power and running it through the alarm relay. Well how did he hook up the relay? Was it NO with NC, or am I wrong?

He hooked the wire up to NO and C.

Oh okay thanks! I had Sam help me connect it but when I powered the panel up the signals started sounding but the panel didn’t show an alarm condition. Thanks John!

that’s because he probably used the aux relay as a nonsilenceable signal circuit.

Didn’t work, John. Any help? Since you’re probably smartest in your grade.

This isn’t how you make a NAC – never do this on a real system, it won’t be supervised.

What I did was took the (+) from the resettable power (use the non-resettable power if it has one, MS-2 doesn’t) and wired it to the COM on the Alarm relay. Then I wired the NO from the relay to the signal’s (+) connection, and wired the signal’s (-) connection to the (-) of the resettable power (again use non-resettable if you can).

So unless you wired it wrong, it should work… unless of course you blew out a fuse.