Autocall ES

Hi, I have the Autocall ES programmer but, every time I open it it shows this, what does this mean?

Screenshot 2023-11-21 093154

you have to find the actual exe for the programmer, thats just the install exe. should be in program files x86 under autocall or something

I am a self-trained software engineer/IT guy, and I can verify that that is probably the best answer, if not, look in Program files (not Program files(x86))

I don’t understand a thing you just said.

idk what bro is on about but navigate to C:\4100ESprog and run the exe.

I’m saying that I make computer programs and also help other people fix computer issues, but not the physical hardware.

sometimes processes like these screw up… I was under the assumption that he had already looked there.

same, assumed OP read the prompt lol.

Then why did you say: