Autocall MDK 2 fire alarm panel manual

We are looking for the Autocall MDK 2 fire alarm panel manual.
If anyone has a copy they could share, it would be greatly appreciated.

mr g,
I have a manual on an older Autocall panel model MD/2K if that is the one you are looking for. It’s from the 1980’s and is not electronic so it would need to be copied or scanned.

I’m pretty sure that is what we are looking for, what we are trying to find out, is if there is resettable 24v power for smoke detectors and if so what terminals they are on.

@pilot we just updated the forum the other day to allow you to upload PDFs here directly… I’d certainly be interested to see the manual as well if you can share it here! I see in a post from 2018, you sent it as a PM to another user: Federal Signal Autocall Panel - #10 by Hydro_Storm

Thanks. I may still have the document in electronic form. I have two of these panels. one in use and one as spare parts.

On the control board, P/N D5130-044-01 terminal block T1 has reset power.

Terminal 1 24vdc Output .065a max
Terminal 2 DC Common
Terminal 3 Reset Power .05a max
Terminal 4 Earth Ground
Termionals 5/6 N/C Remote Reset