automatic restroom devices.

Anyone like automatic restroom devices? Automatic toilets, sinks, hand dryers/paper towls, and soap dispensers.

I find them conveniant exept for when they turn off or go off either for no reason or when you dont want them to. (ex. sink turing off in the middle of you washing your hands)

They seem convenient, as it could help prevent the spread of germs this way if you don’t have to touch anything. Stevenson and other LPS buildings have automatic toilets in their restrooms.

Target has toilets that automatically flush in the restrooms. They are sensed by the movement. I used to be afraid of those loud toilets.

I think by Target, you mean your local Target. Not all Targets do.

That is great until you get to the door and have to touch the handle with your bare hand and there is no paper towel dispenser. I had touch less faucet in my bathroom at home and I had it replaced with a conventional unit. I could not stand it shutting off midway through a hand wash and the delay in having it come back on especially for brushing teeth.

The sinks don’t bother me too much. I hate hand dryers. I would rather paper towels.

As for automatic flushers–they don’t bother me on urinals. The automatic toilets do when they decide to flush about a minute in.

I didn’t start using automatic restroom devices until I started going to Massasoit Community College. They had automatic urinal/toilet flushers in the Student Center, Science and Business buildings, then eventually by 2008, just about every building on the campus had them. They also installed automatic soap dispensers and hand sanitizers.
Regarding the hand dryers, I prefer the ones that use the sensor over the ones activated by a pushbutton, because they don’t stay on for 15-30 seconds, and stay on as long as your hands are under the dryer, then shut off once you take your hands out from underneath. That really helps save energy, IMO. They also had those on the Carnival Victory ocean liner when my family and I went on our cruise in 2008, and were also automatic, but they were practically like jet engines!

i don’t mind hand dryers or automatic toilets/urinals, but i love the places that have lights on motion sensor systems to conserve energy.

also, not quite applicable, but still interesting. has anyone seen the newer “eco-friendly” toilets. apparently if you push the handle one way, it uses a lot less water than pushing it the opposite direction. idea to use as little water as necessary. not sure how effective they are.

and then someone mentioned something they don’t like… well, me the grey, metallic industrial urinals and toilets. it sounds like an earthquake when they flush. God i hate those things!

Toilets do not flush in the opposite direction on the other side of the globe. That is a myth.

How did we get on the subject of toilets on the other side of the world? I was talking about something that I’ve used at multiple national parks, and some newer college buildings.

Do you expect anything else from this one???

are you talking about fallin86 or me?


I was about to say, what happens to the toilets on the equator? :lol: