Back from a weekend trip.

This weekend I went to Janesville, WI because my sister from Ohio came up there for a visit. Sadly it didn’t turn out as expected, as my brother is having marital problems, I’ll leave it at that. Anyways, we stayed at the Baymont Inn. I was there a couple of years ago, and to recap, here’s the FAs

4002 Panel

4904-9501 strobe in restroom (almost like mine, mine has the reflector).

The alarms are either

9840s on 4903-9501 plates w/ 4904-9105 strobes

or 4901-9805s on same plates. This one’s in the pool, I saw another in a stairway.

The smokes are

2908-9201 heads on 2098-9211 bases, although I could have sworn I saw a 2098-9536-style base, but if it was a -9536 that’d be incompatible on the same circuit (I think) since the -9211s are 2-wire and the -9536s are 4. Plus the online 4002 manual doesn’t show any 4-wire diagrams, except the “Style D Initiating Device Circuit” which is basically an alternate 2-wire setup, while the 2098 base manual showed that the 2098-9536 was compatible with the 4002 in a diagram. It might have been wrongly worded. Is there a 2-wire base that looks like a 2098-9536 (or a “beauty cover” for the -9211?) Anyways,

The pulls are 2099s.

These pics were taken back in '08.

Then we came back, and went to our friends in Lake City. On our way we stopped at Green Mill Restaurant and Bar in Winona. It was hooked to The Plaza Hotel & Suites. The restaurant had a 4005 panel with NSs and RSSs in the restrooms, and 2099 Pulls. Didn’t see any smokes, and didn’t go into the hotel itself, I’m assuming the hotel has its own system and the restaurant’s 4005 might or might not be connected to it.

Thumbs up on that 4002 find! Kinda odd that they installed that large cabinet considering it only has 8 zones.

As for the -9105 strobes, it’s been my experience that the reflectors are on the 15/75cd version. If there isn’t a reflector, it’s 100cd (that restroom must be awfully bright during an alarm).

I’ve seen the large cabinet 4002 before, at the Dining Hall at Stonehill College (one of the very few Simplex systems left on campus, ever since they began to switch to Siemens.) It has twelve zones, and they also put in a 4003 voice-evacuation panel for the renovated “Hill” dining room. The alarms are mostly 2901-9838 horns on 4903-9001 light plates (strange they used light plates in a 1991 installation), while the Hill area has 4903 speaker/strobes and remote TrueAlert strobes. The smoke detectors are the same, but the pulls are mostly 4251-30s and a couple of 2099-9756s.
I’ve only seen one other 4002 panel in person, at Bridgewater State University’s art center, but I think it has either four or eight zones, and it’s the small cabinet version (installed right next to a gutted 4208 cabinet, again the same smoke detectors, and same pulls as above, but the alarms are 4051+4050-80 horn/lights left over from the 4208 system.)