Badges Revoked?

I noticed that @Robert_A didn’t have a leader badge displayed, and today I noticed my regular badge didn’t display either. So I’m wondering if they got taken away or they just don’t show anymore

It looks like it was removed. Now I’m wondering if it’s a glitch or intentional bc I haven’t been very active here lately

It’s probably a glitch

I messaged zach on discord and he said that he didn’t revoke anyone’s badges

The regular badge criteria have to be maintained in order for you to keep it. I took a Hiatus from TFP over the Summer and lost the Badge, It’s how Discourse Works. As for Roberts leader badge, he may have revoked it himself, (But only he can tell us). He is Moderator (Maybe an Admin Idk), and Forum Moderation still works for him.

Ok what’s the criteria again?

Here it is…