Be cool about fire safety

What about this video? It doesn’t feature any actual devices unless you count Seymour Smoke (who of course is fictional).

Seymour Smoke says “I hate smoke so whenever I see or smell it I make this noise to warn you.”

Can a smell actually set off a smoke detector? I don’t think smoke detectors can detect smells.

You guys take things a bit too seriously, be cool about fire safety!

You’d technically be right, they technically can’t.

Semour doesn’t sound like a typically smoke detector. The noise he makes is not a code 3 beeping noise.

I’d say he sounds closest to a “Brass Squealer” smoke alarm, which used mechanical horns rather than electronic horns like today’s units.

That’s because this was made 3 Months prior to Code 3 being added to NFPA 72. It was not required when this was made.

I’m pretty sure there’s never been a squealer horn smoke alarm that did Temporal Code 3, though even for a while electronic horn smoke alarms did either 4/6 or 5/6 instead of Temporal 3 (though squealer horn smoke alarms I believe were pretty much completely obsolete by the time of “Be Cool About Fire Safety”, making Seymour technically not period-correct in terms of what smoke alarms sounded like then).

Hehe, that’s good trivia to know!

The funnier part is that this is how like 85% of gen. pop. see the fire alarm, as a nuisance alarm and as a source of pranking the apartment complex.