Best alarms/pull stations for starters

Hello, I have been interested in starting a collection for a while. I want to know where and how I can get reliable, cheap/free alarms that are good for beginners. The only fire alarms I have are virtual in my videos.

I suggested you get a fire-lite bg-12l

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eBay is the best place to find alarms. Just keep an eye on reviews of sellers to make sure they’re reliable.

I’m not sure where you’re located in the world but I could set you up with everything you need to get started. Panel, detectors, wire , horns, strobes. etc. all for free. The problem is most likely shipping would be cost prohibitive. I’m in southern Ohio by the way.

i have a bg12 that has a key lock

I don’t recommend you get a newer 4099 because i was turning the key to reset mine and the whole entire keyhole fell out of it.

i’m right under you in KY!

I would recommend a simplex 2099
Any version of a 2099 is good. It’s easy to reset

Let me know if you ever get up toward Cincinnati. I have some conventional panels and plenty of devices to get you started. Possibly an EST panel but you probably won’t have any way to program it unless I put in a basic one for you. All equipment I have removed or old stock that isn’t used an longer.