best game systems

best game systems

  • gameboy
  • neo geo
  • gamegear
  • xbox
  • xbox 360
  • wii
  • wii u
  • playstation
  • PS2
  • PS3
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which game system is the best.

Atari 2600??

Where is everything?

Don’t forget PS1! :roll:

Don’t forget 5200, 7800, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Odyssey 2, Master System, Saturn, Dreamcast, DS, 3DS, GBC, GBA, capitalization, or a question mark.



I grew up on Nintendo so anything Nintendo is where it is at for me.

I chose xbox360.

btw, this is not related to fire alarms at all. We have a general discussion forum.

it is in general discussion

Oooops! Sorry about that! I thought I was in fire alarm general discussion. I was wondering all of these random topics were here… :lol:

hahaha its fine

My two favorite games for the xbox360 are Bioshock 2 and Skyrim.

I prefer the NES.

I have about 25 games for it.

Wow!!! There is a lot of gaming systems out there

Super Nintendo. Hands down.

Not because of the system or any “nostalgic” quality about the graphics or the sound,

but because of the very large diversity of games that were made for it, and the quality of the games, especially the RPGs.

Game designers in that era didn’t focus on extreme graphic quality but instead they wrote epic stories and amazing plots.

I know! I don’t know anything about gaming systems, and I usually just play games on my PC (with the disk).

I have a wii and my games on my phone that’s it

I used to have an original XBOX, and a Wii, but my Moluccan Cockatoo destroyed it and all of the controllers.

How did it destroy the systems and the games? Did it crap all over everything?

He didn’t destroy the games, he just chewed off a lot of the buttons off of the controllers and all of the wires.