Best Muscle car

Best muscle cars

  • Ford Mustang
  • AC Cobra
  • Chevy camaro
  • Chevy chevelle
  • Ford torino
  • Dodge charger
  • Dodge challenger
  • Chevy Bel-Air
  • Ford T-Bird
  • Chevy corvette

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Whats the best muscle car?

This is really starting to get to me… the polling is getting more and more pointless, this is entirely subjective, and that poll does not contain every muscle car ever.

I think this one is okay. All polls are subjective by nature and can’t possibly include every relevant option. But going forward, let’s avoid making polls just for the heck of it.

The Camaro is the coolest. My first car was a Camaro, I got it several years ago when I was 16 and I still drive it now. It has a ton of miles on it but its in perfect condition.

Perhaps the OP could wore his question more like, “Which of the options listed do you think is the best muscle car?” because like Destin said, there is no way for a poll like this to include very possible option.

And please don’t get the message that we don’t want users to make polls. If you are legitimately curious about what members of this community favor about something, creating a poll is a great way to get that information. Just make sure that your question is constructed well.

The Ford Mustang since it was the first muscle car I ever saw. Though it was my aunt who was the drive. :stuck_out_tongue: