Best smoke Alarm

I was wondering what would be the best, widely available, and cheap hard-wired smoke alarm? I would also like to know where these would be cheapest. I saw $60 smoke alarms at Ace hardware, so I don’t think it’s Ace! I would like to purchase the alarms at a store.

Go to Home Depot and buy this alarm

I’d recommend a photoelectric or dual sensor one.

I’d recommend dual sensor as it offers you the best possible protection from any kind of fire (at least if you’re planning on using this detector for life safety purposes).


Just remember that if you can’t afford photoelectric or combo alarms, any smoke alarm is better than nothing

Also, Gentex makes really solid photoelectric smoke alarms, and they have relays, so if you have a security system, your interconnected smoke alarm system can trip your security system. You could also wire in a compatible accessory relay to your existing system if you want to

Honestly I would say as long as it isn’t one of the cheap Kidde/FireX ionization detectors you would be good.

I’d go with photoelectric as the next option if dual-sensor isn’t affordable, as ionization alarms often don’t detect the type of fire that most often breaks out.

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