BG-12LX to replace the S464G1007’s?

Hi, I need help to replace existing S464G1007 Addressable Pull Stations
I read they Rebranded as Fire-Lite BG-12LX.

So, my question, can we use BG-12LX to replace the S464G1007’s regardless the Panel ? Kindly advise

Is there any Honeywell articles related to it ? Kindly share

Yes you can replace those Honeywell stations with bg-12lx’s
Here is the documentation for the Honeywell station

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I don’t think so, The BG-12LXs are not listed on the Honeywell rebranded Notifier panels at all and they probably don’t work. Get your self another Honeywell S464G1007 since that is UL listed but if it’s a demo system then it’s fine

the pull stations data sheet mentions that it can work with clip and flashscan systems

Thanks, i do have the datasheets of both, but need a clear Honeywell literature stating the same. Another guy in below comment says it won’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

You have any idea where i can get the S464G1007 ?
I need around 26 pieces

Will work smoothly ? The panel software won’t make an issue ?

One technical guy from Honeywell told, these can’t as the S464G1000’s used for XLS panel, and BG-12LX’s won’t work with it.

Any idea where i can get S464G1000’s cheaply ?

Any idea where i can get S464G1000 ?

This is the only site I could find that sells those things
Link: Honeywell S464H1006

The model number is different but it is addressable

@Dr.Exquisite Any idea where i can get S464G1000’s ?

Again i need the part numbers to be matched. Or i need a literature from Honeywell to convince the client @Caleb_Culwell

The S464G1007 is an addressable station specifically for Honeywell panels such as the FS-90, XLS140, XLS 120 and XLS3000. I don’t think any other addressable modules or detectors will work even if they are a Honeywell owned brand. You can get the modules off the internet or there are Honeywell branches in most major cities. They will need to be programmed.

I don’t think such literature exists

I found a couple NIB ones on eBay. I suggest getting from there

To answer the question: No, you cannot “mix and match”. You must use the S464G1007 with your system.
Despite the protocols being similar/identical, they have a “Brand ID” code which only allows them to be used with the brand of panel that they are meant to be used with. They will not function if this is mismatched. All warranties and regulatory approvals of the system will be lost if you try to circumvent this in any way.
Additionally, the key used to open/reset the BG-12LX and S464G1007 is different.

The S464H1006 that @Caleb_Culwell mentioned uses a different protocol and won’t work in this case.

I found some sites online that will sell an S464G1007, or you can contact Honeywell directly for further assistance on where to obtain an S464G1007.

I found a seller on eBay who is selling those pull stations. But the seller only had 3 in stock. The op needs 26 of them

Thanks. I found many sites and online resellers, but very few of them had S464G1007’s. And there is a huge price difference also, atleast 4 times the price of BG-12LX’s :slightly_frowning_face:

The response from Honeywell support is also Horrible