Bosch Exiting Security Business

As reported by multiple sites, including this article from Security Info Watch, Bosch (owner of Radionics and Detection Systems) will be divesting itself of its security business, including alarms, cameras, and access control. Although some have speculated that the business could be bought by Motorola or ACRE, the buyer is currently undeclared, and it remains to be seen how this will affect the various product offerings currently supplied by Bosch.


Their fire alarm systems are widespread throughout the USA but most of the time it’s integrated into their security systems too. They have recently acquired Paladin Technologies back in July however Carrier is wanting to sell to sell their fire safety division. Although it is likely that Bosch’s security could be acquired by Honeywell since they are as widespread as their systems as well (Possibly a division of ADT?). It could also be likely when Carrier sells their fire safety division Bosch seems to be focused on that industry most.

Really? How coincidental considering Carrier Global is looking to get out of the life safety business. Would love to know why both companies aren’t interested in being in those industries anymore.

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Wait, doesn’t Carrier own Kidde?

They do, along with Edwards & several other brands. If they’re looking to exit the life safety industry I don’t know what’ll happen to Edwards, Kidde & their other brands (I hope they remain afloat/in business somehow though, & arguably more importantly get a parent that’s as respectful to them as all their previous ones (one that doesn’t screw with them like Eaton & Johnson Controls have with Wheelock & Simplex respectively).