break glass covers over pull stations.

Have you seen break glass covers over pull stations? I went to an office today that had a Gamewell pull station with a break glass cover that had a metal thing attached to it to break the glass by the entrance. Near where the restrooms were there was another Gamewell pull station and a Faraday horn/strobe with a pre-ADA strobe. There was no NA in the restrooms. This is a really old system.

These covers are the original Stopper (the lift-cover version is called the Stopper II.)

I’ve only seen these at Walt Disney World.

That is neat. I had no clue that the break glass on a pull station was the first stopper. Good to know!

Break-glass covers are fairly rare in my area. The only ones I tend to see are older Edwards models that were commonly used with 270-series pull stations between the 1970s and the 1990s. These covers consist of a red steel frame that is open at the top and at the bottom; the glass is inserted from the top and a hammer hangs from the top edge of the frame (on the side).

When I think of Edwards break glass pull stations, I think of the 270-SPOs that have the glass rod that is at the bottom of the pull that breaks when you pull it. My middle school and my high school modular building had 270-SPOs, but I’m not sure if the glass rods were in them or had ever been in them.

Same, I was going to say. I also saw them at Universal as well.

I would be sort of surprised to see how long these have lasted because I would think that vandals couldn’t resist at least smashing the glass.

The one I saw was at an office. Probably not too many people have been around there who would vandalize it. If someone did vandalize it they would likely be spotted because there are offices with people working very close by to it.

I was talking more about the pulls being vandalized if they were in hallways or common areas and not in enclosed rooms or offices but that does make a good point since pulls in there are less likely to be touched.