Bridgewater State University fire alarms (2.0)

Since the old thread was sort of a waste of bandwidth space and has been removed for now, and that my brother now goes to this school, I thought I would just start a whole new thread about the campus alarm systems (this time with NO pictures of everything.)
The university is very old (originally a state college), with buildings built between the early 20th century and today. All the academic-related buildings and at least two dorms have Simplex systems, while other dorms generally have EST systems. I will only be covering the academic buildings, starting with the east campus (it is divided by railroad tracks, and the two sides can be accessed by an underpass near the train station and a railroad crossing near one of the dorms.)

EAST CAMPUS COMMONS: The building has a Simplex 4120 voice-evacuation system, and is the original from when the building was built in 2002. All alarms are Simplex 4903-9148 speaker/strobes, even in restrooms. The pull stations are 4099-9003 dual-action T-bars with Stopper II covers over them, and the smoke detectors are addressable TrueAlarms (most of them on the campus are usually 4098-9714 heads on 4098-9792 bases.)
TINSLEY ATHLETIC CENTER:Also built in 2002, but this building has a Simplex 4100 voice-evacuation system, and the audible-visual signals are TrueAlert speaker/strobes, while restrooms have remote strobes. Again, the pulls are dual-action 4099-9003s, and the pulls in the gym have the red wire cages over them. Smoke detectors are the addressable TrueAlarms.
OPERATIONS CENTER: Simplex 4100U system, the original from when the building was built in 2003. The alarms are mostly TrueAlert horn/strobes, with remote strobes in restrooms and one above the panel. Again, the pulls are addressable 4099-9003s, and the smokes are addressable TrueAlarms.
BURILL OFFICE COMPLEX: Similar to above, but the panel is a Simplex 4010 (red cabinet version.)
MOAKLEY TECHNOLOGY CENTER: The building has a Simplex 4100 voice-evacuation system from 1995. Next to the panel is a Simplex-rebranded SAE annunciator of some sort, possibly for the sprinkler system. Alarms are 4903-9147 vertical speaker/strobes, while restrooms have the vertical 4903 remote strobes. Pull stations are Simplex 2099-9795 T-bars; one of them at one of the exits has a Stopper II cover over it. All the smoke detectors are the older-style Simplex TrueAlarms: one is on the smaller 2-wire base, others are on the bigger base. There are also Simplex beam detectors in the main lobby.
HART/BURNELL HALL: This is where my brother has had most of his classes so far. It was built in 1979, and the fire alarm system has been modified and upgraded over the years…
ORIGINAL 1979 SYSTEM: Standard Electric Time system with SAE graphic annunciator outside the main entranceway. The alarms were Space Age 2DCD horns on AV32 light plates (no “FIRE” lettering) located in many areas, even in some restrooms! The pull stations were older Johnson Controls pulls, and smoke detectors were older Adaemco smoke/heat models.
CURRENT SYSTEM: Simplex 4100U system; the old SAE annunciator is still outside, but inside there is also a 4603-9101 LCD annunciator next to a large red Simplex transponder panel. Most of the alarms are now multi-candela Simplex TrueAlert horn/strobes, but a few restrooms that had the SAE horn/lights now have remote TrueAlert strobes (other restrooms that had those alarms now have TrueAlert horn/strobes in them as well!) The recently-renovated classrooms also have TrueAlert horn/strobes in them now, too. Many of the old JC pulls are still intact in the Burnell Hall wing, but most of them in Hart Hall were replaced with Simplex beak-glass 4251-30s (some time in the '80s and early '90s), and there are also a few Faraday F1G Chevrons and Simplex 2099-9754s scattered around the Burnell Hall wing. Many of the old Adameco smoke detectors are still intact, but the renovated classroom wing have addressable TrueAlarm smokes. There are also a few 2098-9201 and -9202 smoke detector heads on 2098-9536 4-wire bases replacing older Adaemco smokes (and at least one conventional TrueAlarm.) New Simplex duct detectors were also installed during the upgrade, and there are 2098-9806 test stations on the ceiling in certain areas as a result.

The West campus has many older buildings, so it gets a bit more interesting here…

RONDILEAU CAMPUS CENTER: The system is a Simplex 4100, installed some time in the mid-1990s to replace an older Standard system from when the building was built in 1970 (the building still has a Standard time system.) At the main entrance is a 4603-9101 LCD annunciator, and below it is a Simplex graphic annunciator showing the system zones, meaning that many areas of the building use conventional devices! Most of the alarms are Simplex 4903-9219 horn/strobes, even in restrooms, while renovated areas like the cafeteria and student life offices have TrueAlert horn/strobes. Most of the pull stations are Simplex 2099-9756 dual-action T-bars, except in renovated areas, which have addressable 4099-9003 pulls. There are some old Standard/Chemtronics heat sensors in some areas, but the renovated areas, the auditorium and near the elevator (redone in 2010) have addressable TrueAlarms.
BOYDEN HALL: Originally built in 1924, this is the most famous structure on the campus, and initially had a fire alarm upgrade in 1979. The current fire alarm system is a Simplex 4100, replacing an older 2001 panel (an old Simplex trouble bell is still connected to the 4100.) A 4003 voice control panel is also outside the renovated auditorium. Most of the alarms are Simplex 4051 horns on 4050-85 light plates (with black “FIRE” lettering on the lens), and most of the pull stations are Simplex 4251-20 T-bars. There are also several older Simplex 4259-36 smoke/heat detectors around the building, along with some 2098-9201 and -9202 smoke detector heads on 2098-9536 bases and a few replacement conventional TrueAlarms. There are also some 4255-5 heat sensors in a few areas (one of them was replaced with a TrueAlarm heat sensor.) The renovated offices and classrooms have TrueAlert horn/strobes and addressable TrueAlarm smoke detectors, and the auditorium (renovated in 2008) has TrueAlert speaker/strobes, along with a few horizontal 4903 speaker/strobes. Pulls are addressable 4099-9003s, and again, the smokes are addressable TrueAlarms.
HARRINGTON HALL: The building was built in 1926 and renovated in 2003. It currently has a Simplex 4020 fire alarm system with TrueAlert horn/strobes, 4099-9003 pull stations and addressable TrueAlarm smoke detectors.
TILLINGHAST HALL: Built in 1916, their current Simplex 4100U InfoALARM voice-evac system was installed in 2007. The alarms are mostly multi-candela TrueAlert speaker/strobes, with remote TrueAlert strobes in restrooms (and one right by the panel), and again, there are addressable 4099-9003 pull stations and TrueAlarm smoke detectors. A couple of old disconnected ESL smoke detectors can also be found in a couple areas (one of them rebranded by Autocall,) and outside there is a Wheelock RSS weatherproof strobe.
ART CENTER: This is the oldest building on the campus, built in 1904 and renovated in 1974. The current system is a Simplex 4002 (small version, replacing an old 4208; the 4002 panel is installed right next to the old 4208 cabinet.) The alarms are Simplex 4051 horns on 4050-80 light plates (no “FIRE” lettering on the lens this time), and the pulls are break-glass 4251-30s. There are also a few 2098-9201 smoke detector heads on 2-wire 2098-9637 bases, obviously installed when the 4002 was put in. This is the only fully-conventional fire alarm system on the campus.
HUNT HALL: Prior to its addition/renovation, the panel was a Simplex 4020. They might still have it, but I’m not sure. They still have the existing stuff prior to the renovation (installed around 2001), with TrueAlert horn/strobes, 4099-9003 dual-action pulls, addressable TrueAlarm smoke detectors, along with Simplex beam detectors in one hallway. The new wing from last year has the same devices.
OLD SCIENCE BUILDING: This building was built in 1964, presumably with an old Gamewell FlexAlarm system, and was torn down last year. Prior to this, it had a Simplex 4020 system with TrueAlert horn/strobes installed everywhere, even in classrooms (restrooms had remote TrueAlert strobes), 4099-9003 dual-action pulls, and TrueAlarm smoke detectors in most areas, except classrooms, which had the heat sensor version.
NEW CONANT SCIENCE CENTER: This building is brand-new, and was opened this past September. The panel is most likely a Simplex 4100ES voice-evacuation system (no surprise!) Most of the alarms are TrueAlert speaker/strobes, but curiously some areas have remote TrueAlert speakers with remote TrueAlert strobes installed next to them! The smoke detectors are addressable TrueAlarms, and the pulls are most likely 4099-9003 dual-action T-bars. There is a video of the system going off on YouTube, and the alert tone is Slow Whoop.
MAXWELL LIBRARY: Built in 1971, and the main three floors were renovated between 2005-2007, and part of the ground floor renovated recently…
OLD SYSTEM (prior to 2005): Standard Electric Time system with Standard Vibratone 450 horns, flush-mounted in most areas (but a few horns were surface-mounted); at least one of the lecture halls and presumably other areas had remote Standard “FIRE” lights. Pull stations were the old round Standard 200177s.
CURRENT SYSTEM: Most likely a Simplex 4100U; there is a 4603-9101 annunciator near the main entrance. The first to third floors and the renovated Starbucks and theater in the ground floor have multi-candela TrueAlert horn/strobes (restrooms and a few other areas have remote TrueAlert strobes). Parts of the basement still have the old Standard 450 horns, but many others were removed, some with TrueAlerts installed in their place, others with the horn removed and a metal plate installed behind the flush-mount grille! The ground floor still has the old Standard pulls, but other areas have Simplex 4099-9003 dual-action pulls. Many areas, including the ground floor, have addressable TrueAlarm smoke detectors.
KELLY GYMNASIUM: My brother and I actually used to go to a fitness program for kids here when we were younger, so I got to see the old fire alarm system when the building was originally built in 1957!
OLD SYSTEM: An old Edwards system with projector-style “Fire Horns” in several areas, several of them red, some blue, others brown! Pulls were older-style Edwards 270-SPOs (with the old Edwards shield logo on the bottom.) There were also 6-inch IBM bells in several areas, presumably they used to be class-change bells. I also remember the swimming pool room having NO alarm signals in it (I could tell there used to be an Adapt-a-horn in there as well, but only the round mounting bracket remained.) Outside, a round “regular”-style surface-mount Adapt-a-horn was installed near the main entrance (also with “FIRE HORN” label.)
CURRENT SYSTEM: The building had its fire alarm system redone in 2008. Currently they have a Simplex 4100U InfoALARM voice-evacuation system. The alarms are mostly multi-candela TrueAlert speaker/strobes in many areas (the alarms in the gyms have those metal wire covers on them), but restrooms have remote TrueAlert strobes, and the shower rooms have Wheelock ET70WP speaker/strobes. Pull stations are all addressable Simplex 4099-9003s; the pulls in the gyms have sounder-less Stopper II covers over them, while others are uncovered. The smoke detectors are addressable TrueAlarms, and the swimming pool room has Simplex beam detectors. There is also a Simplex 2098-9806 test station in the main gym with an STI cover meant for alarm signals over it!

Any comments?

I’d like to see some pictures of the older systems, if you have them. :slight_smile:

I do, but ImageShack is being a pain all of a sudden. I do plan to upload them to another server. Unfortunately I do not have any pics of Kelly Gym’s old system, but I do have pics of the old Maxwell Library and Hart/Burnell Hall systems, along with the Art Center and the older stuff at Boyden Hall.

OK, here’s some pics of the old stuff that I have (I do wish I had a picture of the old Edwards system at Kelly Gymnasium though!)

This is pretty much the old Maxwell Library system in a nutshell. IDK if any of these are left anywhere. The building was built in 1971, and their Simplex 4100U system installation began in 2005. So far, the above three floors have been completely upgraded, and as of 2012, the little theater in the basement has been, too. Those horns are Standard-relabeled Vibratone 450s. At the time I took this, there were still plenty of old alarms in the ground floor level.

At least two of the Standard horns weren’t flush-mounted.

I also found a couple of these remote “FIRE” lights in a lecture hall. I imagine there used to be more on the above floors before the Simplex system was installed. I think it would have made more sense to have more of these lights in areas with just horns, or even use Standard’s old retrofit light plates on the horns…

At a few exits on the ground floor, these addressable TrueAlarm smoke detectors can be found (note the old Standard pull in the background.) There are also TrueAlarm detectors in the Starbucks’ area, which has TrueAlert horn/strobes that were installed during the initial system installation.

On the first two floors, the old alarms were removed in this manner; the original grilles are intact when installed on cinderblock or brick walls, but the horns have been removed. Also note the TrueAlert next to it (they are all 4906-9127 multi-candela horn/strobes.)

This is what the old system was like in Hart/Burnell Hall, where my brother has most of his classes in.

The original Space Age graphic annunciator from 1979 (panel was an old Standard system, but it has since been replaced with a 4100U.)

This is what the system was originally like when the building was built. It was all SAE 2DCD horns on AV32 light plates, and Johnson Controls pull stations.

Old Adaemco smoke detectors. Many of these are actually still around.

They even had these alarms in some of the restrooms!

All of the alarms are now Simplex TrueAlert horn/strobes (a few of the restrooms now have remote strobes, other restrooms have horn/strobes.) Most of the pulls in Hart Hall are now Simplex 4251-30s, but there are also a few 2099-9754 single-action pulls around the building. The Burnell Hall section still has many old JC pulls.

In the main lobby, we have a Faraday F1G Chevron pull underneath the TrueAlert (that was installed before Simplex took over), and next to it is a 4603-9101 LCD annunciator next to what looks like a transponder panel (the actual 4100U panel is beige-colored, and is in an electrical closet.)

Some of the Adaemco smoke detectors were replaced with these 90s-style Simplex smoke detectors, and some in the Burnell Hall wing with addressable TrueAlarms.

Old Gamewell annunciator from the original 1964 Conant Science building (which has since been torn down.) This was the only thing left from the old system I saw (the rest of the building had a Simplex 4020 system with TrueAlert horn/strobes; the new Science Center has a 4100ES voice-evacuation system.)

Old weatherproof annunciator outside Boyden Hall. I imagine this was installed during the 1979 renovation/upgrade (the building was built in 1924.)

Note the old Simplex trouble bell above the 4100 panel. They used to have a Simplex 2001.

They still have many of the old Simplex 4051+4050-85 horn/lights installed, to my knowledge. IDK if they are 4050-81s or 4050-85s, but they are indeed dual-bulb and 24 VDC (as the horns are 4051s, not 4050s.) These are common throughout the building, except a few renovated offices and classrooms, which have TrueAlert horn/strobes, and the renovated auditorium and registrar’s office, which have TrueAlert speaker/strobes (they have a 4003 voice control panel outside the auditorium.)

One of the many Simplex 4251-20 pulls found throughout the building, which were also obviously installed when the 4051+4050-85s were. The renovated areas have addressable 4099-9003 pulls.

They also still have many of these older Simplex 4259-36 smoke detectors. Some were replaced with conventional TrueAlarms and 2098-9201/2 photoelectric detectors, but the renovated areas have addressable TrueAlarms.

ADT-branded smoke detector next to an old Simplex end-of-line cover plate. This was in the old registrar’s office before it was renovated last year.

The only “complete” old system on the campus is currently in the Art Center, also the oldest building on the campus (though it was renovated in 1974.)

Last I saw, they had a Simplex 4002 fire alarm panel, installed in the early 1990s. It is not only the oldest panel still in use, but is also the only conventional system on the campus (other systems all have addressable panels, even if they use zones/conventional devices.) Note the old 4208 cabinet installed next to the 4002; it is probably gutted and now used as a junction box.

All the alarms are Simplex 4051 horns on 4050-80 light plates (this time without “FIRE” lettering.) The pulls are all break-glass 4251-30s, and are installed pretty high up (surprised Simplex hasn’t replaced this yet!) Interestingly, some of the alarms are installed the old way, like this (the horn lined up with the light plate)…

Others have the 4051 horn sticking out like they usually do. This is the only one on a backbox, due to the brick surface (I often see 4051+4050-80s installed like this in really old buildings.)

There aren’t many smoke detectors, but I did find several of these 2098-9201 photoelectric detectors, obviously installed when the 4002 was put in. They don’t have any sprinkler or heat detectors in here either.

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Burnell Hall had a couple renovations to the former cafetorium and gymnasium rooms. The cafetorium was divided into two multi-purpose rooms and the gymnasium is now a dance studio room. They still have TrueAlert horn/strobes, but they aren’t on the wooden planks covering up where the old SAE 2DCD+AV32s from the Standard system were. The old Adaemco smoke detectors in these rooms were also replaced with addressable TrueAlarm smoke detectors, and the Johnson Controls pulls with Simplex 4099-9003 dual-action pulls! The rest of the building is still mostly the same, though a few ceilings got replaced, and they installed more TrueAlarms in the process.

A part of the original Conant Science Building from 1964 was saved, and was connected to the new science center and renovated. It still has the addressable TrueAlarm detectors and 4099-9003 dual-action pulls, but now instead of TrueAlert horn/strobes it has voice-evacuation like the rest of the building does (TrueAlert speaker/strobes installed pretty much everywhere, even in individual classrooms!) They also installed a 4100ES transponder panel in each electrical room:

As one could tell, they obviously don’t have a Simplex 4020 anymore; it is now a full Simplex 4100ES voice-evacuation system!

The registrars’ office in Boyden Hall was renovated and also had TrueAlert speaker/strobes installed, which probably are run off the 4003 voice control panel for the auditorium, along with the usual addressable TrueAlarms:

Other parts of the building still have the old 4051+4050-85 horn/lights and 4251-20 pulls installed in 1979, but IDK how much longer they’ll be there (especially considering how Simplex sometimes gets to be kind of snobby about old fire alarm systems!)

A new parking garage was also built early this year. Not surprisingly, it has a Simplex system, but it’s voice-evac! The alarms are Wheelock ET70WP speaker/strobes, and the pull stations are those metal weatherproof Sigcom T-bars rebranded by Simplex:

Note the annunciator in the picture. Looks like a Simplex 4603-9101 or something with a weatherproof case on it! The system is probably another Simplex 4100ES or something. (If they went with horns instead of voice-evac, they probably would have used weatherproof TrueAlert horn/strobes.)

I know this is late but I have more of an in depth tour of the system:

East Campus Commons (ECC):

Simplex 4903-9148 speaker strobes

Quite surprised to see these as original installs from 2001-2002! It’s also quite interesting to note that all signals here are 30CD; no 15 or 110CD units installed. I’d generally expect these to replace all the older 30CD Simplex speaker strobes.

Tinsley Center:

These are TrueAlert speaker strobes, but with no TrueAlert marking. There are actually speaker strobes in the bathroom. Prior to this the more specific model numbers of the speaker strobes is Simplex 4903-9357, which all of them are 75CD speaker strobes, with the exception of the lower floor of the gymnasium which has Simplex 4903-9358 speaker strobes, which are 110CD with cages over the alarms. It’s quite interesting that everything else is 75CD fixed.

Simplex 4903-9357 speaker strobe

Simplex 4903-9358 speaker strobe

Quite surprisingly, a Simplex 4903-9425

These were the only older TrueAlert speaker strobes found on campus.

Moakley Center:

Simplex 4903-9147 speaker strobe (vertical mounted)

. This one has no logo or TrueAlert marking. Kinda looks like a QuickAlert with a sanded Simplex logo.

Simplex 4904-9137 (not a 4903 remote strobe, 4904)

Hart/Burnell Hall

Simplex 4906-9127 TrueAlert (set on 15CD)

Simplex 4906-9101 TrueAlert (not shown, also set on 15CD)

DMF Science Math Center

Simplex 4906-9151 speaker strobes (Set on 15, 75, 110CD)

Simplex 4902-9716
Simplex 4906-9101

Rondileau Student Union (RSU) (formerly Rondileau Campus Center (RCC)):

Simplex 4903-9219 electromechanical horn strobes (I don’t think these are 9215s or 9217s)


Simplex 4903-9252 (replaced a 4903-9219 in June 2023, this one’s 15CD and is in an awfully large space and is much newer):

Simplex 4903-9425 (4 Wire TrueAlert 15CD!)

. Has the TrueAlert marking

Simplex 4903-9426 (4 Wire TrueAlert 75CD!)

Simplex 4903-9427 (4 Wire TrueAlert 110CD!)

. This one has weird orange tape on the strobe and does not have the TrueAlert marking. It is not a QuickAlert though because QuickAlerts have different strobe reflectors.

This building also has:

Simplex 4904-9168, 4904-9169, not 4904-9170 surprisingly, 4906-9151 speaker strobes and 4906-9101 remote strobes. Mixing speaker strobes and horn strobes isn’t wrong, it’s just weird. May have made more sense to add more 4903-9425/9426/9427 horn strobes and 4904-9168/9169/9170 remote strobes, but it’s the installer’s choice.

Boyden Hall:

Simplex 4906-9151 speaker strobe (set on 15CD) (not shown)
Simplex 4906-9154 speaker strobe (set on 15CD) (not shown). These are the only ceiling mount speaker strobes for the entire campus.
Simplex 4906-9104 remote strobe (set on 15CD)

Simplex 4903-9148 speaker strobe (30CD)

Simplex 4903-9357 speaker strobe (75CD)

Simplex 4903-9417 horn strobe (Fixed 15CD, this one’s a TrueAlert)

Simplex 4906-9127 horn strobe (not shown)

Harrington Hall:

Simplex 4903-9417 TrueAlert (Fixed 15CD)

Simplex 4904-9331 TrueAlert (Fixed 15CD) (not shown, in bathrooms)

Hunt Hall

Simplex QuickAlert 4903-9417 (Not a TrueAlert! Fixed 15CD strobe.)

. These ones are all mounted on skirts.
This one has a cracked housing, unfortunately😪

Simplex TrueAlert 4906-9127 (Multi CD,set to 15 because the QuickAlerts are fixed 15CD.)

. There’s even a horn strobe in a bathroom!

Tillinghast (Tilly) Hall/Flynn Dining):

Simplex 4906-9151 speaker strobes (not shown set on 15, 75, 110CD)
Simplex 4906-9101 remote strobes (set on 15CD)

Note; the second 9101 is newer than the 1st one!

Operations center:

Simplex TrueAlert 15CD Horn and Remote Strobe Non Addressable of some sort (I think they are 9417s and 9331s SmartSync)
Simplex 4904-9176 by surprise!

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Yep, pretty good recap. As I said, Hart/Burnell Hall originally had Space Age 2DCD+AV32 horn/lights on a Standard Electric Time system (likely an SET-7000, since it was installed in 1979).
Out of all the systems you posted, Boyden Hall’s is the newest. A Simplex 4100ES voice-evac system installed in 2015, replacing an older Simplex system with 4051+4050-85 horn/lights and 4251-20 single-action pulls. It even has the newest addressable Simplex pulls with the LED indicator (in this case, they’re dual-action 4099-9006s). Those TrueAlert horn/strobes were installed back when most of the old devices were still there. Before being removed, the panel was a Simplex 4100+, likely replacing a Simplex 2001 (the old system was installed in 1979 or 1980).

Another thing about the ET70WPs in the Parking Garage is that they are a whopping 135CD! Very bright!

. They also make 185CD versions, too. There are a bunch of EST Systems with Genesis Horn strobes in Dorms (I don’t like EST Genesis’s very much at all. I’m glad they got replaced with LED versions).

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