Building a Fire Alarm simulation setup.

I have been thinking about doing a setup with my Genesis. For me I’m not good at wiring things up. I wired the Genesis and Adapatabel. I don’t have any smoke detectors or pull stations. I would like help with wiring and alternatives. I have a junction box but I don’t have screws. I’m trying to be more smart with alarms and stuff. I used to be on Fire Alarm Enthusiasts but I got banned for breaking a couple rules. I wanted to be smart and intelligent with them.

Usually I want to get more alarms but doing a setup would work. I can’t get alarms on ebay since I don’t have the money to get them. I look around see if there is any broken ones.

It doesn’t sound like you have the right materials yet, so in the meantime, I would recommend reading our beginner’s section (especially <URL url="How to wire a pull station to a horn/strobe]this post[/url]) to learn more about wiring and such. Once you begin building the setup, feel free to ask any specific questions if the post didn’t answer them.

Alright thanks for the head’s up! :smiley: