Building a panel

Hi, I am thinking about building my own panel but, I don’t know where to start. Can anyone help me?

I’m not sure that’s something anyone can specifically explain what to do, since needs and level of experience make a difference.

You have possibly the most simple option, build a latching circuit, conventional panel, continuous only, and simple button to cut power to the circuit, unlatching it for a reset.

Then of course, you have the option of getting a microcontroller or micro computer such as an Arduino or Rasperry Pi, some relays and such, and program it to do what you want. If you have programming skills or are willing to learn, that’s probably a fun route to go down.


start with a latching relay.

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That’s what I did back in 2022. It worked fine with pull stations but not smoke detectors. I may have wired it incorrectly, but I gutted that panel a while ago.