Building Exit signs/Emergency lighting

This topic was created so you can share exit signs/Emergency lights in buildings. This is sort of like the fire alarms in buildings topic, but for exit signs and lights.

Recommend format:
(Building Name, Location)
(Sign/Light Model [If known])

I think this can be an amazing place where we can share Images of Exit signs and Emergency Lighting. Remember: The more YOU contribute, the more interesting it gets!

Have a great day!

Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney Land Park, CA)

Model Unknown, but very vintage.
I also saw a vintage Green & White “Emergency Exit” sign, that is visible at the start of the ride on the right, in the restaurant.

Hyatt Centric Brickell Miami

Look like generic Glass green exit signs, looks like no battery backup or test button.

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Jesus H Christ that is a ancient exit sign

I have that sign, it’s ac only

And it looks like incandescent lighting too.

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