Buying a new FACP, need backdoors.

Hello, my MS-2’s NAC got fried because I was stupid and changed my Gentex Commander 3 to 4-wire while in alarm. I am looking for a replacement panel, preferably one that has an LCD. I found these options:

Notifier SFP-10UD (Fire-Lite MS-10UD-7)

Notifier SFP-5UD (Fire-Lite MS-5UD-3)

Simplex 4006

Simplex 4010

I don’t know if I will be locked out of these, so does anyone know the back door to them? Thanks!

P.S. These will only be shared via DM as per the forum rules.

Hi! This is a little late, but I previously owned a locked Firelite MS-5UD that I bought off of eBay, so I do know the backdoor to the SFP’s. I don’t know, however, the backdoors to the Simplex’s. I can send ya the PM when you need.

Please do.

Could you pm me the information as well please