California houses must have sprinklers as of 2011.

All new houses built in California as of 2011 are required to have fire sprinklers according to something I’ve read. Complaints about this have occurred through concerns including misconceptions about sprinklers. One is that people think when one’s triggered, they all will. Also people think that smoke rather than heat will trigger the sprinklers and the sprinklers will accidentally activate, causing bad water damage. There are also people that think sprinklers will just look ugly installed in every room of the house. Also there is a cost concern.

I’m really sick and tired about these people that seem like they would fight to the death not to have them. I agree, the cost is certainly something they have the right to argue about, especially if they were to install a system in an existing home, but everything else is a clear example of how ignorant people are. If I was constructing a new home (provided I had the money of course) I would make sure to have a sprinkler system installed.

Another objection I’ve seen is the slippery slope. They say, well, what’s next? Requiring fire suppression hood systems or grease interceptors for houses?

The “slippery slope” argument by some people is just another lame excuse for not realizing how good a sprinkler system could be in your home. Like I mentioned, the expense of it is about the only legitimate excuse in my book. The thing with this so called slope is that it has only gone as far as sprinklers at this point, worry about the other systems if and when they do come into view.

I think it should be up to the owner to decide whether or not they have that kind of protection.

I think so to, but just for the general purpose of installing a system, it has way more good than the bad people seem to associate with it. I’d personally rather have my house protected than have it burn down.

Sprinklers are extremely unlikely to ever accidentally activate. One is more likely to win the lottery than have one of their sprinklers accidentally activate. Even ancient sprinklers don’t just activate if there’s no fire.

It’s not the heads people worry about. It’s the pipes and the connections. They are notorious for letting go and leaking.

Our system which was only filled a few years ago already had a leak in the dinning the ceiling which was custom plaster work and painting had to come down in a large section and be re done.

You are better off having the fire destroy your entire house. You get a brand new house and everything you owned replaced. When you have a fire that gets knocked down quickly smoke and water damage is killer.

It should not be up to the homeowner. It should all depend on what kind of area they live in, the constriction materials and size of the home. If you don’t like the building codes… Do not build there its that simple.