Camera picking up "popping" noise when strobes flash

This isn’t an issue now, this was something I had to deal with back in 2012 (and in 2013 to an extent). Allow me to explain.

Since I am starting fresh on a new channel, that means reposting a majority of the videos previously uploaded to my old channel will be reuploaded, albeit slightly edited for one reason or another.

Some of those videos will feature video clips that I recorded with my now-retired Flip camera (it was a Flip Mino HD for those who are wondering). Whenever I record a horn/strobe or remote strobe (no speaker/strobes because, at the time, I didn’t have the knowledge on how to apply proper power to speakers), especially for just powering the strobe(s) alone, a popping sound would occur when the strobe(s) flashes.

Here’s a good example: (note: this video is from my old channel)

Why would this happen?

What does the Flip camera have (or lack) that the Sony Handycam (the camera I have been using since 2013) doesn’t?

Here’s a better example (IMO):

Oh i have the same question. My old phone (iPhone 5c) did this as well

A xenon strobe tube is a high voltage device. Power for the tube is around 200 to 300 volts depending on the tube. The flash is triggered by a much higher voltage. The tube will have a metal band around it or a wire wrapped around it. That is connected to a trigger transformer which produces a short pulse in the 4,000 to 10,000 volt range. Again, the exact voltage depends on the specifications for the tube.

The popping noise in a phone is that it is picking up the electric field produced by the high voltage discharge used to fire the tube. Whether a phone is effected depends on the circuitry and shielding in the phone.

Tutorial on xenon flash tubes.

Understanding Xenon Flash Tube Circuits Tutorial


Thank you Bill Nye the fire alarm science guy