Can anyone decode this simplex date code?

I have a simplex 4906-9128 with a date code of 053154E. Can anyone decode this date code?

I could be wrong, I’m loosely basing what I’m saying here on a Reddit post from 3 years ago, and the fact that these devices came out in 2014:

  • 053 = 53rd Day of the Year (Feb 22)
  • 15 = the year of manufacture
  • 4E = Plant it was manufactured in

So far, this is the only pattern I’ve found that makes any sense. That being said, I’m going to reach out to some people to see if I can get more information.

As an update - I’m happy to report that I got confirmation from a Simplex employee. It was produced Feb 22, 2015. I was a little off on the last part. 4 is apparently a revised model version. E is the plant of manufacture.

Thanks for the information. That is very interesting that they put what plant it was manufactured in.

I assume it makes it easy to track if / when an issue arises

It could also be used for liability for example, if a life safety injury occurred due to the fire alarm, they could look at the date code so they know where it was made and take appropriate action.