Can anyone identify this rare panel i found on Craigslist while scrolling through google

I think it might be an old firecom panel

EST IRC-3 I believe. Buttons are a dead giveaway.


Thanks i was wondering if it was an irc 3 8500 or 5800 too

The audio module is definitely the FCCA, which is the one used with the IRC-3, but the main control portion doesn’t resemble any of the ones available for the IRC-3.

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It’s the fancy large display which were not too common since they are expensive and most customers at the time did not need them.

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Oh okay, huh, what do you know. Might want to save it then OP: it’s rare (though the IRC-3 in general is rare).

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I think wtc 3 had this panel

Im thinking about getting it for my birthday

As I said on another topic the only original WTC complex buildings that we know the systems of are WTC 1, WTC 2, & WTC 7: who knows about any of the others.

Sure hope your birthday’s soon since if you wait too long someone else will probably buy it.