Can schools buy from ebay?

My school recently got a used SIGA-278 pull station replacing one that was latched into alarm somehow. And when I asked they said a teacher bought it for 20 dollars off ebay. They also bought a new Stopper II in the place of the used SIGA-278. Can they do that?

I’m going to say it is okay as long as it was bought brand new and installed by a licensed professional.

But from what you describe, it was bought used and installed by a custodian or someone else. I know that used devices are generally not supposed to be used, so I can only guess here.

Wasn’t there a topic on here a while ago about somebody who saw used signals installed in a new shopping center? I assume it would be OK as long as they were up to code and worked…

At Rutgers, I’ve seen a number of pull stations get replaced with older-style Simplex T-Bars (the brighter red ones with the plain “SIMPLEX” lettering). Some were apparently replacing broken pull stations, while some were retrofit jobs replacing old break-glass or round Standard pull stations. I’m guessing these must have been taken from systems that were replaced outright.

THANK YOU! That’s all I needed to hear, also Thanks Jared, and New Age Server!

I don’t think there’s anything prohibiting the installation of used devices as long as they work. It’s just that many companies don’t want to take the risk.

Five things:

  1. FAP (FireAlarmParts) a reregistered member of ebay has purchased used equipment from me before, and he sells them at triple the price (

  2. A guy on YouTube wanted to buy my panel (MS-5UD) for a life safety system, i said no because i wanted no responsibilities if it were to fail.

  3. My elementary school system had 4050-80’s, 4251-20’s, and an old simplex panel. They recently removed the old system for an exchange of a simplex 4010 and 4099 pulls and 4903 true alerts. I had asked if i could have the old units and they said “No, we will be using these again” I thought he would list them on ebay or keep them or turn them into a life safety system. Who knows what happened to them.

  4. The other night i went to the SuperMarket and they were getting a new system installed, the replaced an old Miniscan panel (the big one) with a simplex 4010 and 4099 pulls and 4903 true alerts. I had asked the technician if i could have the old parts and he said “No, we need most of the parts but you may have this the strobe is broken” and the item he gave me was a 7002T-24.
    It was free and it came from one of the first systems I’ve seen.

  5. My current school (middle, 8th grade) had a EST 3 with Integerties, SIGA-270 pulls, and SIGA-PS smokes. When they added on the new buildings they also had an EST 3, but it was the same appliances but USED!!! Yellowed detectors, dirty horn strobes, the pulls were really beat up they had paint from colors white to orange on them.
    I said WOW how could they install this in a new building.

So firealarm2905, my answer is yes they are allowed to install used devices, but only if there up to code. :wink:

Hard to believe with all the damage to the equipment that it would actually be up to code.

A little paint on a pull station or an alarm wouldn’t really impact it’s ability to be used, provided that its not covering the strobe on the alarm or making the handle on the pull stick or something else like that. :wink:

Though I still have to admit, using beat up equipment still seems sloppy.

My high school replaced the 2DCD horns with brand new Wheelock Exceeders. If they used anything else, I would be confused.