Can the EST Genesis run on 12v?

I’d like to hook up my only 2 alarms which are 2 EST Genesis’s (Purchased from SER Safety a few years ago) before I hook them up to my panel to make sure they work and won’t screw up something on my new 5UD which I plan on wiring today! I have a 12v adapter I was just wondering if I can power them safely on that voltage. I’ve also got a siga and BG-12L my other question was does polarity matter on the BG-12 as the wire colors are different than what the terminals say…essentially reversed, red is negative and black is positive. Any help is appreciated!

The label on the Genesis horn/strobe that I own doesn’t say what the minimum voltage is, only the maximum: 24VDC, FWR or filtered. You could try powering it with 12VDC though (it should work fine on your 5UD though).

When it comes to wiring a pull station & an alarm together, I’d recommend watching one of the many Youtube videos on doing so, like this one: Tutorial: How To Wire A Fire Alarm To A Pull Station (Requested) - YouTube

I know how to wire a fire alarm and pull station together, I’m just unsure about the BG12L because if you look at the back the positive term has a black wire going to it which is usually for negative while the negative terminal has a red wire which usually is positive

I think most switches usually don’t have polarity, so I wouldn’t worry about that.