Can you connect a Honeywell Tssc keypad to a Vista 20-p RF?

I originally got a TSSC system that was used. The person didn’t know the code so I thought It was worthless, But I was wondering if you can add The keypad to a 20-P like the wireless ones.

Here is the Tssc keypad, It came with a base station, but I was wondering if you could add the keypad to a Vista 20-P RF

Here is the 20-P I would like to connect It to. I saw honnewell makes a wireless keypad, so can you enroll the Tssc keypad it like one.

So to summarize, I was wondering if you could connect a Tssc Keypad to a Vista 20-P Rf as a wireless keypad, even though they’re different systems.

I think the only rf keypad that’s compatible is the 6160rf

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I meant I want a wireless keypad

Ik, the 6160rf is wireless. The other one probably isn’t compatible

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The only wireless keypads Honeywell produces are the 5828 and the 5828V. However, you need a wireless receiver for it to operate. I believe they are only comparable with LYNX and VISTA controls. The TSSC is a unique system and I think it is only compatible with itself.

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