Canadian products in the US

Here’s something I’ve been wondering about for some time: once, when me & my dad went to an event at a convention center, I noticed that at least 2 of the pull stations were Mirtone brand. (73393U) I was confused since Mirtone was the predecessor to Mircom, both Canadian fire alarm companies. A doctor’s office I went to had at least 1 Mircom MS-710U as well as a Mircom RAX-LCD annunciator too. What made this particular appearance of Mircom components especially strange to me is that the doctor’s office was in FLORIDA, the FARTHEST AWAY you can get from the US-Canada border. Now, Mircom might have SOME presence in the US, but I’m sure you’re a lot more likely to see their products in Canada than the US given all the established manufacturers already in the US. I’m not saying there’s anything WRONG with Canadian products in The States, I’m just saying it’s odd seeing them here when they’d probably be more common in the country they were made in.

i saw a canadian potter horn strobe at target in california. it had a blue strobe

That’s probably an SH-1224, which I believe were sold in both Canada & the US (though it seems they were rarely used in US systems for some reason). When it comes to the one you’re talking about, chances are it’s probably being used as a refrigerant leak alarm; I’ve seen them used for such myself.