"Canadian" Simplex 4001 Demo Setup

I pulled out my Simplex 4001C and created a demo setup for it.

I have a 2901-9723 6-inch bell, 2099-9754 pull, and a 4098-9601 smoke detector hooked up to the panel. Taking a look at the circuit board, I think my 4001C was made sometime in 1997.

Side note: All of the devices on the system are ULC-certified.


That sure is a unique find you got there, it’s almost like the one that CJ9899 got. Hopefully you can get an annunciator working on it since it would come as a separate card instead of it being built into the panel, at least it has an extra NAC in it.

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Right before Tyco bought everything. My boss worked for them, well he worked for a smaller company, and then around 1998 they got bought by Tyco/Grinnell. I’ve seen a few places with rebranded Tyco/Grinnell FA-1000s or FX-2000s.