Carrier is Looking to Spin Off its Fire Safety Division

Stolen shamelessly from r/firealarms, it looks as if EST just can’t stay a part of one company for too long before getting pawned off to another, as Carrier is looking to sell its Fire Safety division, which includes EST and Kidde, per Forbes.

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What!?! Now why the hell are they doin that

Just a heads-up: Edwards has not used the EST brand name since at least 2016, & thus they are known simply as “Edwards” now. I agree though: seems like they can’t stay part of one parent company for too long before moving to another.

That’s sad considering EST & Kidde became a Carrier company only three years ago.

Yeah (though they’ve been part of Carrier longer if you include the years they were owned by UTC). Hopefully though their new parent (provided Carrier finds one) will be just as good as Carrier, & who knows: they may not be able to find someone to hand Edwards & Kidde off to, at which point they might just have to keep them until they can find a willing company (if that ever happens).

In my area (Ontario, Canada), they are known as Chubb Edwards, ever since they merged with Chubb.

Not sure what the story with “Chubb” is exactly to be honest: I wanna say they’re a company from England that somehow came to be associated with UTC/Carrier but I’m not sure.

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Yeah, Chubb used to be part of UTC until 2022 when it was acquired by APi Group Corporation

Ah okay. If that’s the case though why are they still known as “Chubb Edwards” in Canada if Chubb is no longer part of Carrier Global? (unless they just have yet to update the signage & such since that was a recent selloff)

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Most likely, Chubb used to use Aritech boxes in the UK as they acquired Initial’s fire and security division in 2006.