Catalog pages from my recently acquired Fire King binder

I recently won a Fire King catalog binder from the early '80s off of eBay. Fire King (not related to the glassware people) was a major FA distributor in the NY state area.
Here’s a snippet of the seller’s description:

The Catalog features all kinds of FA stuff, from panels, to smoke detectors and alarms, some pulls and NAs, door release magnets and others.

Here’s a pic of the fromt:

- Check out the interesting 4050-80 style alarm plate there!

- Auth versions of BRK system smokes. I never knew the top model existed,
I’ve seen the one on the bottom at the Mark Twain historic home ca. 1985 or so. WANTED, either version.

- Alpha-Larm (Hochiki) FA-50/52 pulls. thesdx has the Harrington Signal version
of this one.

Statitrol 306M detector. Very interesting.
- Back

I’ll post more later.

Interesting, looks like Faraday did make incandescent light plates after all. I’ve never seen one like that though.

At first glance, I thought it was a SAE light plate!

Anyways, nice find. Are there individual pages about each alarm?

I’m interested in the light plate with the horn on it if there are individual pages.

Nope, sadly there isn’t an individual page for the light plate.

As for the “real” 4050-80s, I know Simplex designed and patented them, but Faraday manufactured them, along with the 2903 plates along with many other Simplex products until the 1990s…
Faraday’s light plate kinda reminds me of the Standard ones as well, due to the flush-mount design.

I think Gamewell rebranded those light plates too; I saw them on a former Gamewell system from 1971 (with SpectrAlerts crudely slapped onto them) and at least one had a Bliss/Gamewell logo on the bottom. I do know Gamewell also rebranded Faraday’s bells and chimes at the time (and probably the Faraday Vibratone knock-offs, a.k.a. the 4050 and 4051.)