Centegix lockdown strobes

The elementary school that I work at towards the end of last school year got Centegix strobes installed on the ceiling and wall in various places throughout the school.

Now whenever the school does their monthly lockdown drill those strobes flash in red in addition to the PA announcement announcing the drill.

There used to just be PA announcements announcing the lockdown drills before the strobes were installed.

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they just installed these at my high school. I think every school in the Akron city school district now has this.

My school had a fire drill today. In addition to the Simplex TrueAlerts sounding, the new Centigex strobes also flashed in red.

Isn’t that illegal because fire alarm strobes have to be white and they will not be in sync with the TrueAlerts?

I don’t know.

They have Centegix strobes on the exterior of the school mounted on the building near various doors in addition to the ones that are inside the school.

After the fire alarm silenced during the fire drill, the Centigex strobes continued to flash until the PA announced came on announcing the all clear.

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That makes me think they’re activated separately from the fire alarm system…

It’s not the main fire alarm system but rather a supplement to the system. Much like airbags are supplementary protection with seatbelts. Thus, traditional codes may not apply

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Yes, the Centigex strobes indicate that an all clear has not been given and that the building is not to be entered even though the fire alarms may have been silenced.

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My school had a fire drill today. The fire alarms went off and the Centegix strobes flashed in red.

Unless the system is set to audible silence. This is a code where I live in Canada, where strobes are supposed to flash after the alarm has been silenced, and continue until the panel is fully reset.

The school that I work at doesn’t have audible silence on the fire alarms. When the alarm is silenced, the strobes on the TrueAlerts don’t continue flashing.