Looking for installation and maintenance manual for the CP-30 Control Panel and ZN-30 Module. I am a licensed Limited Energy Journeymen.


I’m no technician, but there are plenty of resources on TFP’s sister site, Fire Alarm Resources. Here’s a manual to the CP-35 panel, which, IIRC, is very similar to the CP-30, as they are both in the System 3 line. If you have any questions, feel free to ask one of our administrators or career professionals as they know far more than I do.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://firealarmresources.com/wp-conten … /30601.pdf”>http://firealarmresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/30601.pdf</LINK_TEXT>

I do have the wiring schematic for the CP-30 if that helps. But no manuals.

I have access to most System 3 stuff. If needed send me a PM, I can scan it to a PDF & email it to you.

Wow, I’ve only seen one of these before and it was highly coveted at the time.

OP, I have the CP-35 and ZN-31U which are very similar if you need them. Not sure if I can scrounge up the CP-30 anymore.