Certificate issues

Hey everyone, I am experiencing ceritficate issues for the site. What’s going on?

Same here, the web site’s layout is going insane too (looks like the CSS is corrupted)

Moderation is aware of the various issues, we are looking into them.

As of now, the site certificate should be valid and the issue resolved. Please let us know if anyone is still experiencing issues.


I’m still getting the issue again (it’s the same computer that has a real problem with the RT clock… Sigh going to have to pop the case open because the CMOS keeps going nuts and requires a clear CMOS if I want to make it work again)

Not a big deal but it works fine on my end.

It happened again

Every so often when I go to log in on my iPhone, it’ll show the error for a few seconds, then it’ll return to normal.

I got an expired certificate warning today on FF. I had to make an exception to get on the board.

I got it once a few days ago when I came on here. It seems to have been cleared up though.

Hey guys, I just made a couple of tweaks which will hopefully resolve this issue permanently. Time will tell in three months.