Cfaa registration theory exam

I was just wondering if anyone has written the cfaa registration theory exam. Is it mostly out of the course books? Is there lots of practical or questions from working in the field? Is there lots from the building, fire and electrical codes?

I’ve written it twice and failed. Then I got an email from the CFAA admin saying the test is faulty since so many people were failing it. So far I’ve been trying the old way of becoming a tech, and that’s finding a Jr. tech. job in the field. I think I will shoot them another email again regarding the test though. But to answer your question, yeah the test mainly focuses on S524, S526 AND 27, and the fire and building codes. You will want to study the two theory books you have to get real well, especially part 2.

By the 2 theory books did you mean the level 1 and level 5 course material books? I phoned the cfaa and they told me that of the 20 people that have written only 1 has passed so far, so it sounds pretty tough.

Yes those are the books.