Change username whenever desired

I requested this before the move to Discourse since there was no “Change Name” button, & now there still isn’t one. Much appreciated if you added such a feature.

Hi Carson,

Sorry for the delay in our followup on this issue. We’re discussing it as a team and we’ll get back to you on this thread as soon as we’ve reached a decision together. We appreciate your patience!

Have you considered it yet? I wanted to change my username to match my Channel’s new name, but still can’t

There are some limits with Discourse that prevents it from being 100% open, HOWEVER please feel free to send me a DM with what you would like it to be, and I’ll change it for you. To show you that I’m looking into making this possible: User has no option to change username? - #15 by TheAlmightyZach - support - Discourse Meta

I seriously cannot believe the one thing that Discourse’s developers did not make sure to include is something as simple as changing your name. I guess now I can only hope they eventually implement such a function, because I prefer being in full control of my username.