Chat Box

I think there should be a live chat box for each of the forums. This would help with people needing help with a part, or just generally discussing about fire alarms. This would be good for newbies who want to meet people on the forums, and for people to connect and just talk live. I think it would be fun to engage! NewAgeServer, Do you agree? :?:

That would be nice for a chat box on the forum but we already have a team speak server to use for the same purpose.

We do?

Yes we do view the link.

<LINK_TEXT text=“viewtopic.php?f=40&t=5438”></LINK_TEXT>

What if we are using a iPhone? App?

Yes there’s an app but its like 10 bucks

Hurr Durr. I do not want to pay for a forum

I think it is a good idea, because I do not like talking in a chat room, I like typing in a chat room.

There should not be a chat room on each forum, because there won’t be enough users in each room. Also, the rooms should only be visible to members, not guests.

If we do add this, I don’t think there should be any complex questions asked in the room(s), because this can annoy the people are are trying to discuss, it might take too long, and they should be posted in the help forum for future reference.

What if there was only one chat box on the homepage for any topic? I remember the other forums having one back in January 2012…

So a chat box for each topic?


I like that idea!

I would say, simply based on the unmoderated nature of a chatroom Andrew should opt against it. Moderators loose a substantial amount of control when those open. You are also more likely to get more detailed help from someone like Dan B. in the forum Vs. in a chat room.

Anyway, back on topic. You could do a bot or have a moderator check on it.

I don’t like the idea, still.

Remember though we tried it twice…

The first attempt was an IRC chatroom, the second a TeamSpeak server… both were taken down from a severe lack of use.

You should make one for each topic so they get more attention.

Excuse me? This is Andrew's forum. He opts to not move forward with it and that should be it. I may have lost my moderator status but when he says no.. I think that should be enough.

… and NO is my final answer.

Jesus God! I’ve had enough of you! I came from ‘The Other Form’ witch was HORRIBLE because you would act like you were the owner of everyone. Sorry to say, it was a BIG mistake to unblock you. God.


Topic locked.