Cheap Uniden Home Patrol?

Anyone know of any cheap Uniden Home Patrol 2’s on the market or some good places to look? I am trying to get a scanner with trunking capabilities since my county recently updated to phase 25.

Look up your county on Radio Reference first to ensure they haven’t encrypted as part of that change, otherwise you won’t be able to hear it at all.

While not a scanner, a very affordable option before I got my SDS100 I made use of a $30 SDR with the program OP25 which made it REALLY easy to get a scanner going for cheap… even made myself a portable version by installing it on a Raspberry Pi and taping it to a portable phone charger battery.

Another FANTASTIC program I use everyday is called SDRTrunk which can basically “hear” all traffic on a given P25 system, as long as you have enough SDRs to grab all the frequencies around.

Here are some things to look at:

Alright, Thanks a ton Zach!