Choosing where to sit in class and the fire alarm?

When you got to choose where you sat in class, did you ever take into consideration how close that seat was to the fire alarm? I did. I always wanted to sit far away from the fire alarm.

Nope. Never did because it never scared me.

My ES, MS, & HS didn’t have alarms in classrooms. In MS & HS, rooms that did have alarms (cafeteria, new library, band/chorus, auditorium) did not influence where I sat. Same for college, despite the fact that every room had an alarm in it.

Only in portables and HS did we have any kind of notification device. Portables had horn/strobes and in hs all classes had strobes. In portables, I would not sit anywhere near the signals.

I once had a class in a portable and I was given an assigned seat right next to the horn/strobe. Nightmares.

In my elementry school no rooms had horns. In high school only the new addition had horns. I never considered where the horn was.

My Second Elementary School didn’t have alarms in classrooms. In My Second Elementary School, rooms that did have alarms (cafeteria, restrooms, outdoor stage) did not influence where I sat. At my First Elementary School, we had Simplex TrueAlerts, which were EXTREMELY LOUD and I did NOT want to sit ANYWHERE NEAR THEM. In my middle school the alarms were old and not that loud so I didn’t care where I sat. At my high school, we have at least on false alarm per month and I have gotten used to it! :smiley:

For me it did. In my elementary school, none of my homerooms had horns in them (thank God!). But I made sure never to be too close to the horns when I was in a room with a horn. The cafeteria/gym had 4 9838s. The art/music room (now an ESL room) had a Gentex SHG. The OT/PT room was in the elevator room for a few years, and that had a 9838 in it. It was small, so I’m sure it was a nightmare when it went off in there. Thank God it never did. And during 6th grade, the enrichment room had a vertical code-3 AS, so I sat as FAR away from that thing as I could whenever the 3 6th grade classes got together.

Junior High, only two rooms I was in had 4051s: the mechanical drawing room and the wood shop room. Never was in there when it went off, but I know it would be very loud, as both gyms there had one 4051.

High School. My shop room didn’t have a 9838 in it. But most did, so I was never too close to them. Also, the assessment center (now a classroom) had a 2DCD. I know how loud they are, so I made sure to be as far away as I could.

I once sat right above a Simplex True Alert Horn/Strobe fire alarm in a portable. Let’s just say that whenever there was a fire drill… I always was conveniently outside

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