Christmas of 2010...

I know the holiday season is well past us now, but what did all of you get as a Christmas gift? For me, I got a 1,000 piece puzzle (which I just finished today), Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition (Wii), a few Lego sets, a LED book light, Wonder Hanger (TV product), just to name some of the good ones!

Cash, gift cards, a couple of clothing items, some DVDs, and best of all, an LED LCD HDTV.

Gift cards, cash, Fire alarms.

2 Wheelock RSSs (White), a Fire-Lite BG-10LA, a NIB Wheelock EHS-DL1, this awesome electronics kit, a few books/games, and a bunch of other little gifts. Oh and a gift card to a local music store.

A got some gift cards, cash, snacks, and I just got back from a family party where we had a “Yankee swap”. I got a lottery ticket and a board game.

Logitech USB headset/mic combo.
System Sensor MAEH241575ADA, MAEH241575ADAS (Sync-Circuit model)
Sunbeam Centurion 45-2A smoke alarm - demo of an identical unit.
Austin Fire Department T-Shirt/Sweatshirt.

I got a PS3 and some chocolate. :smiley:

For Christmas of 2010, I got the following:

64GB Wi-Fi only iPad - in fact, that is exactly where I’m typing this post from (in this post, I actually used Apple’s wireless keyboard to type with, in which I’ve had previously used on my Mac for a while)

10W USB Adapter for the iPad

A Flip camera (UltraHD) (wasn’t expecting this)

Three days later, I got the following:

Magic Mouse and iLife '11

On New Year’s Day, I got myself a screen protector for my iPad. (at the time this post was made, the screen protector hasn’t been applied yet).