Church smoke detector.

So I was at church last night (yes gay boys go to church) and I was asked to go and get a volleyball from the closet. (Hehe, closet) and I saw the smoke detector up there (some addressable system Sensor one) and it still had the freaking dust cover on it. Should I tell someone or should I just leave it the way it is…idk what to do but it is a huge hazard. Here’s tons of stuff in there with he electrical panel and the furnace. This place was remodeled about a month ago. System is a month old.

I’d probably say something, but that’s just me.

I definitely would. Generally, smoke detectors are installed for the purpose of detecting smoke. :wink:

Okay I will :wink:

I would definitely say something because God forbid something show happen and it catches fire.


[size=50]I’m Catholic, I’m allowed to laugh![/size]

Yeah, in all honesty, I’d have someone take a look at it. I wouldn’t pull the detector cover off myself because someone could misconstrue your intention and think that you were trying to tamper with the detector.

Alternatively, you could just be moving stuff around in there and “accidentally bump into the cover”, knocking it off.

That joke was probably the worst king ive heard all day…haha!

And it’s a closet, a I can just shut the door and head back into the closet ( no pun intended) and then take it off. No one will notice and I can come out of the closet (pun very much intended) and look like nothing happened!

Just make sure they don’t have video surveillance in there or something.

Who would ever put a security camera in a closet???

Just tell someone about it if it really bothers you. By all rights, it’s not your responsibility to fix. If you go up to it to take the cover off and the detector goes into false alarm, and they find out it was you, you could be facing fines or worse of the fire department is dispatched. Here, it’s a $500 fine for a false alarm if they can determine the alarm was set off by someone tampering or even testing the system if you didn’t call it out first. And although I doubt simply pulling to cover will cause an alarm condition, stupid things happen.

Oh trust me, I think that your jokes are a bit worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

My jokes?

Cue R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet

But yeah, I’d tell someone. That way if THEY mess up, you’re off the hook.

The ones in your signature.

For what it’s worth, if I had found that smoke detector, I would have removed the cover right away. The only reason that makes sense for it being on there is somebody forgot to remove it after installation. I can guarantee that the fire marshal does not want it there, and you may save someone’s life if a fire did start in that closet. Whoever left it on there should a have a lot more explaining to do than a random person who removes it.

It should be taken off but if it was me, I probably would have kept it on as I would have been afraid of getting caught and in trouble for tampering with a smoke detector. Or I would have done it when nobody was looking.