CO detectors...

I was planning to do some renovation for my fireplace. I was thinking of getting some ideas on how to renovate my fireplace. I was also thinking to have a carbon monoxide detector installed, almost every house has sources of carbon monoxide. So, it is very important to understand them and take appropriate measures against it to protect our loved ones. They can even be the reason for death as they are very dangerous. They attack the red blood cells in our body, which carries oxygen to our whole body. After that, even though the blood cells continue to carry oxygen throughout the body, they cannot carry oxygen as they normally used to.
So, back to the point, I need some ideas for fireplace safety. As for the CO detectors, I’ve contacted a commercial security monitoring systems in Vancouver( Video Surveillance & Security Camera Installations | a.p.i. ALARM ), who are very much aware of what they are doing… So, help me out….

It looks like you already have professionals helping you, so I’m not sure how to help you out. Placement of CO detectors/alarms are not too critical as CO does not rise or sink, instead it mixes with the air evenly. Is this for commercial or residential? If it is residential, you can install 120V interconnected photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on your ceiling. If you want it monitored, you’ll likely have to contact your security company for them to install sensors.

If you want to integrate with a panel or something, System Sensor makes some that will free-run (they have a sounder base) and have plugins for a conventional panel. I also think Simplex makes some CO/smoke TrueAlarm combos.

Thank you for this suggestion, but I don’t believe a fire panel is being used here. I think they are talking about a monitored burglar alarm system, though I’m not sure what is going on in this post. It isn’t in the Help section and it doesn’t seem to have a clear “issue” that needs to be resolved. It seems to me that they may have leased equipment and must contact their security company for upgrades.

Is this a gas fireplace or a wood fireplace? Maybe even an electric fireplace?